To unlock an individuals uniqueness and
encourage them to take ownership of their journey


 What is Coaching?

We work with individuals and companies who are committed to developing the awareness and skills required to evoke transformation and make long lasting change. The process will ensure complete confidentiality and the agenda of the client is the main priority. There are 4 things that we ask of our clients, and offer them equally in return.

Commitment: The more commitment you can bring, the more quickly we will be able to move forward, and the more powerful the shifts will be. Be open. Be present. Be honest.

Communication: Keep it truthful. This will keep the trust level and motivation high. The better our communication, the more successful our work together will be.

Courage: We’re living at a time when everyone is talking about discovering their purpose, and simultaneously at a time when we can often feel distracted from it. The clients who thrive are those who seek out their personal courage and maintain focus.

Accountable: To make change happen and for it to stick there needs to be a framework of accountability and commitment. Any actions discussed during our sessions will be followed up – this is a crucial tool in order to to check in and challenge the desire and motivation for change.


What we Coach


Leadership Coaching

Our philosophy is to coach leaders in how best to show up authentically and make an impact within their organization. We are well placed to support founders and entrepreneurs in finding their leadership style and voice; emerging leaders navigate their leadership journey as they progress through their career and established leaders to create effective and successful cultures.








Career Coaching

We have first hand experience in what organizations are looking for when sourcing candidates for a role. From the quality of the resume and content on a LinkedIn profile to how best to show up for the interview, I am well placed to coach and support clients through each step. Career transitions whether it be to a new industry or role can often be challenging; change isn’t always easy. A coach is a great way to support this change and start your new opportunity with confidence.








Expat Coaching

We have both first hand of what it feels like to move to a new country and start to build your personal brand, career and network. Whether it be as a solo entrepreneur or part of a larger organization the first 3 to 6 months are crucial for laying strong foundations, building your network and understanding the nuances to life in USA.



Personal Brand

Culture Nuances

Building a network




People and HR



Coaching sessions are conducted using Skype, Zoom or equivalent and packages are delivered over 3 to 6 months depending on the package chosen and needs of the client.

Clients are able to book or modify sessions through the website for ease and have access to a private google drive where all session notes, homework and reading materials are available for review at their convenience.



Individual Coaching



6 x 50 Minute Coaching Sessions

Unlimited texting

Goal setting and accountability

E-Mail Follow Up

Personal Google Drive Folder

3 to 6-Month

12 x 50 Minute Coaching Sessions

Unlimited texting

Goal setting and accountability

E-Mail Follow Up

Personal Google Drive Folder



Career Coaching


Resume and LinkedIN

A 60-minute consultation over Skype

Updated resume with 2 rounds of edits

A fully updated and optimized LinkedIn profile tailored to your need

Interview Coaching

90 mins of coaching over Skype (or eqv.)scheduled to clients needs

Mock interview

Feedback and follow-up action plan


Co-Founder Coaching

This is ideal for co-founders, business partners or small teams and is a process designed to restore trust, gain a sense of equality, and improve communication in business relationships. It is important to seek help when issues first emerge. Starting a successful company is hard enough. I help develop new communication skills and insights can help partners work through difficult decisions together and create a foundation for the success of your company. These can be purchased in 6 or 12 sessions packages similarly to the individual coaching.