Our Team

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Alistair Marshall - Founder and CEo

Alistair is an active member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is trained in the Co-Active model of coaching, via the Coach Training Institute (CTI) and combines these philosophies with over 15 years experiences inspiring cross-departmental teams and executives in the fashion industry. Known for his irreverent and relatable coaching style, Alistair’s unique skill is his ability to connect quickly with individuals from a range of backgrounds, in a variety of departments, at any level.  A keen public speaker, Alistair has spoken passionately about the need for leaders to be visible, transparent & real at HR conferences and leadership panels throughout the US.

He has experience developing brands and their teams in emerging markets, creating people strategies to support business growth and building a dynamic, progressive and successful company culture.

 Outside of his work, Alistair is a weekly volunteer with Crisis Text Line, offers pro-bono coaching services through a variety of New York-based LBGT career development initiatives, and mentors Brooklyn high schoolers through the college application process.


Anthony Gaulgler

Anthony has 8+ years of coaching and management consulting experience (Accenture and Deloitte). He worked across industries, focusing on Leadership Development, Learning and Development, and Change Management for Fortune 500 clients, for more information visit his LinkedIn.

Anthony is the founder of Coaching The Creatives, and works with traditionally and non-traditionally defined creatives on obtaining the skills and capabilities needed to take them to the next level -- from tapping into your creativity or developing the professional mindset needed to capitalize off of creativity.

As a self-made, first-generation college student, he's accustomed to “building from the ground-up” with limited resources and has a passion for helping others build capabilities needed for personal and/or professional growth.


Lorraine Buchannic

Lorraine has 12+ years of experience in HR leadership roles at top tier, high growth global companies in the Tech industry. She learned how to build teams and helped companies scale from hundreds to thousands. In the process, she spoke to thousands of candidates who all sought to develop fulfilling careers, reinvent themselves through work while meaningfully contributing to a company’s roadmap and, ultimately, finding sustainable ways of integrating their work and personal lives.

Lorraine came to coaching to help others in their search of radical clarity, truth and purpose. Her practice offers a creative approach to navigating life and career transitions. Together, we will design a roadmap for a well-lived, joyful life.


Miles Johnson

Miles spent thirteen years as an actor, working in NYC & beyond, before embarking upon his SoulCycle journey. Since starting as a part time employee at SoulCycle seven years ago, Miles has built his current corporate role- of which he pitched to the CEO a few years back. His passion has always been focused on building community with a focus on equalization and he has helped open 30+ new studios across the US & Canada along with the New Studio Openings team. He is also a founding member of SoulCycle's Diversity & Inclusion Council and the creator & co-lead of SoulCycle's People of Color Employee Resource Group (ERG).


Arielle Sadan

Arielle has 6+ years of management consulting and coaching experience, where she has managed projects and stakeholders from all levels of the corporate pyramid and across multiple functions, departments, and geographies, tracking and implementing large-scale transformation programs to improve company performance.

Arielle is a creative problem solver with a fervent belief that people's satisfaction with their work begins with a healthy company culture. She is passionate about helping organizations and individuals achieve their full potential through collaborative initiatives, clarity of strategy & purpose, and integration of best practices. In addition to her organizational work, Arielle also works with clients on topics such as executive presence and function, leadership development, and career transitions with the aim of helping people discover and fulfill their professional visions.

With experience working across several continents and in various languages, Arielle loves working with diverse backgrounds, cultures, and languages to create better understanding among individuals, groups, and companies.