“Working with Alistair has made a real difference in my life—both professionally and personally. In helping me recognize my skills and talents, I have become a more authentic version of myself, which has been showing up in new and exciting ways.  Alistair has a unique ability to champion, while continuing to challenge and provoke. He is focused on growth, but won’t skip through the steps to get there – he is a mindful listener and will go at your individual pace. I would definitely recommend Alistair.” - Brian Davies, NY

“Coaching with Alistair has been rewarding in allowing me to understand my professional value and currency. Prior to our sessions, I’ve felt like I knew my value but couldn’t pinpoint how to evolve, grow, and expand. I cannot praise enough about his infectiously charismatic personality and positively forward thinking.” - Robbie Guevarra, Quintessentially, NY

"Alistair coached me through a change in career and I cannot thank him enough. His structured, clear, and positive guidance was so refreshing, and much needed, at a time when things felt muddled, vague and overwhelming. Because of the work we did together I was able to take back ownership of my life and career path and am truly in a better space for it” - Katy McCllean, The Muse, NY